We take great pride in our building, our students and our staff. We also place great importance on standards – standards of learning, conduct and behaviour. In line with our Business and Enterprise specialism we operate a compulsory academy uniform policy. All students in Year 7 to 11 will wear the full academy uniform at all times. Students not in the full uniform will not be admitted.

Our business style academy uniform fulfils three important functions:

  • It gives the Academy a clear identity,
  • It represents a simple but effective statement of our pride and sense of community,
  • It also avoids any stigma or competition between individuals that can occur all too easily because of designer clothes and fashion trends.

Grace Academy Uniform 

Blazers:  Black Grace Academy Blazer  

Shirt:  Plain white cotton shirt with a top button which should be fastened at ALL Times (no polo- shirts).  

Ties:  Purple Grace Academy tie with GA logo on display below the knot. *Prefect purple and gold stripe, awarded by the Academy, should be worn instead of the plain purple tie when prefect status is given. 

Pullovers:  Plain black V-neck – optional (no sweatshirts, no hooded tops, no cardigans, no tank tops).  

Trousers:  Plain black (no denim/fashion trousers) which should cover the legs and ankles entirely with black socks i.e. no trainer socks

Or Skirts:  Plain black pleated/non-pleated of knee length with black opaque tights which should cover the legs and ankles entirely. 

Shoes:  Plain black shoes (no trainers/pumps/canvas shoes/boots/sports brands/shoes with fashion  

laces or extra adornments).  

Coats:  Winter coats/anoraks – optional. Plain in colour (no denim, hooded tops, tracksuit style tops or fashion jackets).  

No coats, gloves/scarves to be worn inside the Academy.  

Grace PE Kit 

  • Grace Academy Polo shirt  
  • Grace Academy Rugby shirt and/or Grace Academy Sweatshirt
  • Black Rugby/Football shorts or black sports joggers  
  • Non-marking sports shoes   
  • Football boots (optional for football/rugby)   
  • Black Rugby/Football socks  
  • Shin pads (optional)  
  • Plain Black waterproof PE jacket (optional) 

During outdoor activities especially in winter months, we advise a black or white underlay/base layer to be worn. 

NB: Students not participating in a PE lesson are expected to bring kit so they can assist in the lesson. It is recommended that all items are to be clearly marked with the student’s name.  

Optional – headscarves  

Black school approved headscarf conforming to the requirements below:  

  1. The fabric should be lightweight and plain black.  
  2. The headscarf must be folded under the chin, taken round to the back of the neck and the ends tucked in. This conforms to the health and safety and school requirements.  
  3. The headscarf must be worn so that the collar and tie can be seen clearly. The reason for wearing the headscarf is to preserve modesty. Therefore, it should not be worn with headbands, brooches, shadow stripes, patterns, logos, embellishments, diamantes, tassels or other colours.  

 A photographic example of the above criteria for headscarves is available upon request.  

Post 16 Students  

Students attending our sixth form will not be expected to wear the academy uniform however they will be expected to attend in business dress. The academy reserves the right to send home students who are not conforming to the standard of dress required by the academy. 

 Additional Uniform Information  


  • No rings  
  • No bracelets  
  • No necklaces 
  • One small plain, gold or silver single stud allowed in each ear lobe. No piercings allowed anywhere else on the ear 
  • No additional piercings anywhere on face or body including tongue  
  • No make-up, nail varnish or acrylic nails  
  • No fashion belts  
  • No hair accessories including bows and clips except for a plain hair band which is white or black  
  • Hair must be a natural single colour, no extreme styles, spikes, patterns or shaved areas. No shaved eyebrows 

     Lockers are available on request on payment of deposit.   Forms available from reception. 

Acceptable examples of plain black shoes and Trousers/Skirt: 

Not Acceptable Shoes and Trousers/Skirts 

All students must have:

  • A School Bag
  • A Student Planner
  • Pens & Pencils
  • A Rubber
  • A Ruler
  • A Locker key
  • An Academy ID Card and Academy lanyard

It is recommended that students have:

  • Coloured Pencils
  • A Pencil Sharpener
  • A Pencil Case
  • A Calculator

Student must not have:

  • Mobile Phones (unless agreed by the Principal in regard to Teaching and Learning)
  • Electronic Games
  • Ear Phones
  • Walkman/Personal Stereo/MP3 player/iPod etc.

If found ALL will be confiscated.

Buying Uniforms

Uniforms are available from Clemmy’s in Darlaston telephone 0121 526 3992


First Choice Uniforms, Wednesbury telephone 0121 505 7100.