Welcome to Grace Academy Darlaston Post 16

We are delighted that your child has chosen Grace Academy Post 16 to continue their education.  If you have not had the chance to come and see us, we would very much like you to come and meet us and have a tour of the school. You can meet students and staff and see the academy hard at work. If you contact Reception, we will be more than happy to arrange this.

We are incredibly proud of our academy and our community. We are proud of our happy students and staff, both of whom work together to achieve excellent results. As part of the Tove Learning Trust our academy benefits from being in a strong partnership with a number of other schools. We are also supported by a number of Ethos staff as part of the Trust. Grace Academy students thrive during their time here and visitors frequently comment on the excellent manners and behaviour of our students. We aim to give every student the very best education. The academy’s core set of values help students to develop into confident, successful and happy young adults, ready to face the future.

Our recent Ofsted in April 2022 confirmed that we are a good school and much of what we offer is truly outstanding. Students behave well and make the most of the learning opportunities. Students feel safe and valued by all the staff. Our excellent Level 3 results over the last few years show the progress that students make across a range of subjects, however, our staff know that academic achievement is only one part of success. At Grace we have so much going on including a wide range of trips, visitors, presentations and sporting and creative opportunities for all students.

We are really excited about the chance to work in close partnership with you over the next 2 years.