The History department aims to teach, and for the students to learn, the best history we possibly can. Knowledge is used to empower students to make sense of the world at present. Our curriculum is a diverse narrative which we use to support this understanding. British history is taught alongside rich and varied international history. Through their study of history students will be able to explain events of our shared past and explain how this has affected how we live today. During their time at Grace Academy, students will engage with a variety of perspectives of the past in order to become active citizens, who have a strong sense of values, and will succeed and contribute to modern society. 

The curriculum is enquiry based and links to historical concepts of cause/consequence, similarity/difference, change/continuity, significance, interpretations and using evidence. This will develop from shorter enquiries in KS3, to lengthier and more complex enquiries in KS4 and KS5. We run a spiral curriculum for historical concepts which gives students the opportunity to revisit and link prior learning. Knowledge is also sequenced in a way which provides links and connections between prior learning and learning in other subject areas.  

 As a department we offer enrichment opportunities for students including targeted enrichment at KS4 and a history homework club at KS3. We also tale students in year 8n to the Black Country Living Museum in order to link their learning to the local area and provide a different way of learning.  



Miss R. Morris – Head of History 

Miss N. Pates – Teacher of History and Head of Year 10 

Mr J. Brookes – Teacher of History 



Pupils in Year 7, 8 & 9 will complete a range of enquiries that cover a range of historical concepts. Lessons are built around key enquiry questions which we can ask of the past, and wherever possible, these are linked to today to help scaffold understanding and help pupils to see the importance of History in the world around them. The KS3 curriculum covers a broad range of content which spans the ages and the globe. Students are assessed by the completion of end of enquiry assessments. Regular quizzes also take place throughout enquiries to place emphasis on the importance of knowledge of the past. 



Our GCSE History course starts in Year 10, and follows the AQA specification. Lessons frequently link back to prior learning from previous enquiries in KS3 & KS4 in order to help pupils recognise the links between the topics they have covered, and support them to develop joined up thinking. Students are assessed through the completion of half-termly assessments which will cover content from that half terms topics, as well as previous units. In Year 10, PPE exams will take place in January and June to track progress, and identify any intervention requirements.  

Year 11 students will complete two sets of PPE exams in October and March to track progress & enable pupils to feel confident and as prepared as possible for the final summer exams.



Our A-Level history course starts in Year 12 and follows the OCR specification. Students will study the history of more than one country in addition to the study of British history. Chosen topics for study link to prior learning at KS4 and KS3 through concepts and content. The course covers a range of approaches to the study of history including period study, thematic study, source enquiry and historical interpretations.


Students are assessed regularly through the completion of assessments which will cover content from that half term’s topics, as well as previous units. In both years of post-sixteen study, PPE exams will take place twice a year to track progress, and identify any intervention requirements.