Summer 2021

Due to disruption caused by Covid-19, Summer 2021 GCSE, A-Level and Vocational qualification grades will be awarded based on a teacher assessed grade this year.

In order to determine the teacher assessed grade, teachers will use information from a balance of different sources of evidence. This could include Exam Condition Assessments, performance in any coursework related tasks or, in circumstances where further evidence is required, evidence from previous Pre-Public Examinations (‘PPEs’) and other assessments may have to be considered. Heads of Department and the Academy Leadership Team will also review and moderate processes to ensure fairness across qualifications. A process of quality assurance will also be conducted by Awarding Bodies.

Release of Results

Results will be released no earlier than 08:30 on the following dates:

A Level/Level 3 Qualifications: Tuesday 10 August 2021

GCSE/Level 2 Qualifications: Thursday 12 August 2021

To access results, candidates will need to log in to Go 4 Schools Student Portal:


Candidates are advised to test that they are able to access their Go4Schools account ahead of results day. Candidates can use the guides below to do this

Setting up Go4Schools Student Account

Accessing Your Go4Schools Student Account 

Support will be available on results day should candidates have difficulties accessing Go 4 Schools or have any queries regarding their grades.


Candidates can appeal if they feel an error has been made in determining their grade, or if they believe processes have not been followed. In the first instance candidates should contact the Academy to discuss these concerns. It is important to note that grades may be confirmed, lowered or increased as part of an appeal. If the outcome of the appeal is that the original grade awarded is to be lowered, candidates will not be able to revert to their higher grade.

When determining whether to appeal, candidates can first request to view the evidence used to support their teacher assessed grade. This request can be made by completing the relevant request form.

Candidate Data Request Form

Stage one – Request a centre review

If candidates think they have been issued with an incorrect grade, or suspect an administrative or procedural error, they can appeal to Grace Academy Darlaston, who will review whether an administrative or procedural error has been made.

Stage two – Appeal to the Exam Board

Once a centre review has taken place, if candidates still do not think the correct grade has been awarded an appeal can be made to the exam board.

At both stages of the appeals process, candidates will be required to complete the relevant request form and return to henryholland@darlaston.graceacademy.org.uk and lindsayprentice@darlaston.graceacademy.org.uk or return directly to the Academy ahead of the relevant deadlines.

Review and Appeal Request Form

Request Priority Requests Non-Priority Requests
Candidate deadline to request centre review (Stage 1) 16 August 2021 03 September 2021
Grace Academy internal deadline to complete centre review (Stage 1) 18 August 2021 10 September 2021
Candidate to confirm if wishes to appeal further to the exam board (Stage 2) 19 August 2021 13 September 2021
Grace Academy Darlaston deadline to submit appeal to exam board (Stage 2) 23 August 2021 17 September 2021

Further details can be found in the Academy’s ‘Summer 21 Results and Appeals Procedure for Exams’ document.

Summer 21 Results and Appeals Procedure for Exams

Autumn 2021 Exam Series

 Where candidates are unhappy with their 2021 results, they may wish to consider siting the exam during Autumn 2021 exam series. Please complete an Entry Request Form to lindsayprentice@darlaston.graceacademy.org.uk in order to request entry for this exam series.

Request to sit Exams in Autumn 2021 – Entry Request

This option is not available for all vocational/BTEC qualifications.

Further Guidance

The Department for Education, Joint Council for Qualifications and Exam Boards have produced a number of guides for 2021 results and appeals processes. Useful links below:






Information for Candidates

Information for candidates – Coursework

Information for candidates – Non-examination Assessments

Information for candidates – Onscreen Tests

Information for candidates – Privacy Notice

Information for candidates – Social Media

Information for candidates – Written Exams