Marking Guidelines

Marking and Feedback Procedure


To ensure that teachers provide feedback, both in class and in the marking of students’ work, so that students are clear about how to improve and are given time and opportunity to act on and respond to the marking.


All teachers are to assess students’ learning and progress frequently:

Contact time Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
1 hour per week Marking for literacy WOW… NOW… HOW…
2+ hours per week Marking for literacy WOW… NOW… HOW… Marking for literacy WOW… NOW… HOW…



Marking for literacy

Marking symbols to be used:

O Errors will be circled
SP Spelling error
P Punctuation error
E Poor expression or grammatical error
// New paragraph
L Poor layout / presentation / no under-lining
^ Missing word / letter
TS Topic specific language
P/PP One tick – good idea    Two ticks – very good idea



Students should be provided with feedback in the following format:

WOW – What they have achieved or done well

NOW – Details of what has to been done to make progress

HOW – Guidance or instruction as to how to move forward


Student response

Students must be provided with opportunities to engage with and respond to marking and feedback using a green pen. This is to take place after WOW NOW HOW marking. The minimum expectation is 10 minutes during a lesson. When the students are responding to spelling errors teachers are to decide on the most appropriate strategy for individual students.


Marking and assessment has to be recording in the following way:

Red pen – Teacher marking
Green pen – Student response
Purple pen – Peer marking