Student Rewards

At Grace Academy students will be rewarded and praised for their hard work and effort in a variety of ways from postcards, phone calls, text messages and letters home in addition to Grace Points, special half termly treats, activities and trips. We also have our annual awards ceremony when students achievements are celebrated, as well as our end of year bike prize and theme park experience.

The 3 main reasons students are rewarded are:-

  1. Outstanding attitude to learning
  2. Excellent behaviour
  3. Attendance

Grace Points

In lessons students will be given a gold star if they fully engage in learning and display special efforts in understanding. This maybe through actions such as answering questions, participating well in group work, extended writing and asking insightful questions. All students have the opportunity to gain a gold stamp in each lesson however, they can only earn 1 star per lesson.

Each star = 1 Grace point. Accumulated Grace points are logged by form tutors once a week and can be spent on a selection of products and treats.

Spending their Grace Points

At the end of each term students will have the opportunity to buy vouchers or carry over their points to the next term.

Vouchers available are bespoke to each year group and could include things such as:

  • High street vouchers
  • Cinema tickets
  • Health and beauty items
  • Sports equipment
  • School and stationary products
  • Experiences