Opening Hours

The library is open everyday for students during the following times:-

Monday – Thursday at break, lunch and after school (3-4pm) (please note that occasionally we do have events running in the library and therefore it may be closed to students).

Friday (after school) – 3-3.30pm)

Borrowing Books from the Library

REMEMBER: You cannot borrow books without your PLANNER. Your planner will have your Library Barcode on the back of the front cover which needs to be scanned. 

Students can borrow books from the library at no cost to themselves. Please ensure that your child looks after any book(s) borrowed from the Library. If books are lost or damaged then you will be asked to pay a replacement copy.

How many books can I borrow?

Year 7 – 1/2 books

Year 8 – 3 books

Year 9-11 – 3 books

Post 16 – 4/5 books

How do I borrow a book from the Library?

  1. Choose a book 
  2. Take the book(s) to the library counter with your planner.
  3. Look after the books while you take them home. (The date when you need to return the book is on the date label found inside the book, after the front cover).
  4. When you have finished reading them, take them to the library counter and hand them back to Mrs Patel.
Library Rules
  1. Food and Drink should not be consumed in the library. (Only bottled water).
  2. Sensible behaviour is expected at all times.
  3. LOW VOICES ONLY – Speaking quietly enables others to read, work or study.
  4. Politeness to staff and each other is expected.
  5. Books need to be returned on time to enable others to use them.
  6. Do not move chairs around, only 4 to a table.
  7. Books are kept in ORDER, so please keep them that way. Books taken off the trolley can be left on the returns trolley BUT borrowed items MUST be returned to the library counter.

REMEMBER: DO NOT BORROW books to other students. You are responsible for any items that you borrow. You will have to pay for any lost or damaged items.

ASK if you don’t understand.

Library Computers

The library has 12 computers available for students to use during the day and after school.

There is no booking system at break and lunchtimes – first come basis.

Computers are for work purposes ONLY – No games allowed.


Reading books by Reading Age

At the beginning of the year and at numerous times throughout the year, students will sit a reading test which will determine which books they should read according to their reading age. We recommend that students borrow at least 1 book which is on their reading level to help them push their reading age up. Each time they sit a Reading Test, a new sticker will be added in their planner. 

A sticker will be placed inside their planner with their reading age and what sticker books they can read. We encourage students to read books according to their reading level. We also let students borrow books which aren’t based on their reading level, so that students can explore other books they like to read.

Book Vending Machine

Students can obtain a free book from the Book Vending machine. Students who are caught reading out of lesson time (break, lunch and after school) will be given a stamp in their planner. Students need to collect a total of 10 ‘Get Caught Reading’ stamps for them to qualify for their first free book.