Health & Social Care


The core principle in Health and Social Care is to deliver an ambitious and coherent curriculum, which will embed knowledge and understanding for all pupils. Equipping them for future learning and employment. Throughout the broad curriculum we aim to successfully thread real life situations and experiences with core knowledge and understanding, to increase pupil’s independence and resilience. We continue this approach within our remote learning ensuring it complements the curriculum taught in lessons.

GCSE Intent:

In GCSE, pupils aim to be able to broaden and develop basic understanding and care principles that have been taught in a range of subjects up to this point. Pupils are to be introduced to a range of topics to deepen their understanding, they will then apply and embed the knowledge through a range of different assessment tasks with a vocational scenario. Key concepts, such as, physical development is intended to be taught at the start of the course and this will, continuously builds the foundations for both future assessment learning and future studies or employment, building pupils cultural capital. Learning aims to draw on and enhances previous taught topics to develop their resilience to apply this knowledge to examination understanding by threading theory continuously along the course. Topics will be sequenced chronologically to ensure pupils can display understanding that is relevant and in depth.

A-Level Intent:

In their A-Level studies the intention is for all pupils to recall knowledge from the basic KS4 principles to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of knowledge and techniques, through the use of enhanced learning opportunities to achieve independent learning outcomes. A-level pupils’ study BTEC Level 3 Extended certificate in Health and Social Care. Pupils aim to be taught both theory and practical application of their understanding which continuously builds on prior learning while focusing on making connections in depth in key areas to extend their knowledge and understanding. Pupils intention is to be required to build on their cultural capital when relating learning to the developments in the world of work and processes in industry.