Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Catch Up Premium Report 2019/20

What is “Catch up Premium?”

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 students who did not achieve at the expected score for reading and/or maths at the end of key stage 2 (KS2).

How many children at Grace Academy are eligible for Catch up Premium?

Based on KS2 data, we now believe that:

  • 47 (26.4%) students were working below the expected standard in English in year 7
  • 38 (21.3%) students were working below the expected standard in Maths in year 7
  • 29 (16.3%) students were working below expected in both Maths & English in year 7

This means that we received a Catch-up Premium allocation of £31,300

In order to support these pupils, the money has been allocated to:

  • Additional learning resources for Literacy and Maths, including online learning platforms including Nessy phonics and Nessy numbers, carefully monitored and tracked to support progress across the curriculum.
  • Intervention support programme for English and Maths delivered by specialist teachers
  • Teaching groups and co-ordinated waved interventions
  • Peer and adult reading mentors for a weekly programme
Catch Up Premium Funding 2019/20 
Catch Up Premium Allocation£31,300
Catch Up Premium Spend 2019/20 
Student Support and Nurture£31,204
Nessy Phonics£480
Nessy Numbers£192
Cultural Trips£1,368
Additional Investment£2,496

Impact of provision

Through summative assessments catch up students on average have made more progress than their peers throughout the year.

Catch up students in year 7 were on track to meet their expected progress and most were on track to surpass their expected progress.

If you have any queries about the Year 7 Catch up Premium initiative relating to 2019/20 or prior, please visit the DfE website (, or contact Miss Hannah Cole – [email protected]

2020/21 Covid-19 Catch up Premium

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