Night School

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A 1-hour interactive session for the families of Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 pupils.


These sessions are not only for the pupils at Grace Academy Darlaston, but for the whole family. It gives an insight into some of the things we do here as well as the opportunity for pupils to look more closely at subjects


Every Thursday Evening (24th June – 15th July).


Working with teachers from Geography, Maths, Science and Food Technology

There are PRIZES to be won for attending sessions too. These include:

  • A voucher per family for completing all 4 sessions  
  • Entry into a raffle for a tablet and Nando Vouchers
  • Subject Specific prizes to be won every Thursday Night

Date: Thursday 24th June

Title: The Deadly Truth: Meat vs Plastic

Description: An exploration into some of the majority causes of climate change.


Date: Thursday 1st July

Title: Electrical Power in the home

Description: Examining electrical power and its uses in the home


Date: Thursday 8th July

Title: All about Pi

Description: Exploring the relationship between the circles and Pi

Food Technology

Date: Thursday 15th July

Title: Breakfast Bar – The right fuel to start your day

Description: A dive into the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet

Note: These are subject to change

How to join

All pupils from Year 7 – 10 will be sent a Teams invite. You will only need to use one of the logins to join as a family. For each subsequent session, please try and use the same login where possible

Who to contact

Please contact Miss Robinson or Mrs Israel for further information

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Night School

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