The MFL department aims to develop students’ linguistic capability by providing numerous opportunities to practise language and experience the culture of countries where the language is spokenThis will enable them to understand and use written and spoken language, and express their opinions. They will develop a good knowledge of a foreign language and culture(s), relating them to their own language and culture and become people who are able to continue to learn languages and explore other cultures through their lifetime. 

All students study Spanish at Key Stage 3, and students can continue studying Spanish to GCSE. At the moment, some students in Key Stage 4 are studying French, however going forward the only language offered will be Spanish. Learning in MFL continually builds year upon year, helping students to improve in the 4 skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. 

The department carries out a number of extra-curricular activities including trips abroad and language challenge days, which give some pupils the chance to experience the culture of the language they are learning, as well as KS4 enrichment to help support students to enable them to achieve their best. 



Mr AMcIvor – Head of Department 

Mrs IRoelake – Teacher of Spanish and EAL Coordinator 



Pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9 will study Spanish. Our focus of KS3 is encouraging students to build their confidence to speak, write and understand Spanish, as well as giving them an understanding of the cultures of the countries where Spanish is spoken. Students will build their skills across a range of topics and grammar areas to be able to better communicate in Spanish.  

KS3 builds upon the language learning skills acquired at primary school. Lessons at the start of Year 7 focus on enabling those who learned a different language at primary school to catch up, whilst at the same time stretching those who have studied Spanish before.   



Our GCSE MFL pathway starts in Year 10, and follows the AQA specification. At the moment, there are a number of students studying GCSE French, as this was previously offered at KS3, however going forward the only course offered will be GCSE Spanish. The learning will naturally build upon topics and grammar students have covered at KS3, focusing on a range of grammar as well as the 3 key themes of the GCSE. Students are assessed through the completion of half-termly assessments which will cover content from that half terms topics, as well as language learnt previously. In year 10, PPE exams will take place in January to track progress, and identify any intervention requirements.  

Year 11 students will complete two sets of PPE exams in October and March to track progress & enable pupils to feel confident and as prepared as possible for the final summer exams. 


Revision guides 

Revision guides and online resources will be provided for students to study from.