Welcome to the Geography department where students will be embarking on a geographical journey to discover that “Geography is everything. 

Our fantastic team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and motivated teachers will build on what students have learnt at KS2 and develop geographers who are fully equipped to become global citizens. Students will have the ability to empathise, problem solve, manage and offer solutions to varying issues across the physical and human world on a range of different scales.  

All students have access to knowledge organisers, revision cards and homework booklets for each topic which students and parents can engage in together and use beyond the classroom to help improve, retrieve and apply knowledge.  

Geography students are offered a rich and broad curriculum. This means that no matter what stage students are at with their geographical education, they are given the knowledge and skills to understand and respect the importance of the world around them. Establishing a meaningful understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes will provide them with a curiosity and fascination for Geography, that they can utilise throughout their lives. 

 Geography STAFF: 

Mr P. Phipps – Head of Geography 

Miss L. Guest – Teacher of Geography 

Miss N. Maknun – Teacher of Geography 


Throughout year 7,8 and 9 pupils cover all aspects of the national curriculum. The curriculum is designed to challenge students using subject specific threads throughout their geographical journey. Sustainability is a common thread that links to the majority of topics for example Ecosystems in year 7, Urbanisation in year 8 and Climate Change in year 9. This thread then continues into GCSE Geography. The lessons are also sequenced in a way that builds knowledge and understanding in order to enable students to learn and remember more.  

Students are assessed at the end of each completed topic. Assessments will focus on the current topic as well as previous topics. Once students have completed KS3 Geography they will have the knowledge and skills to prepare them for KS4 Geography. 



GCSE Geography starts in year 10 and follows the AQA specification within the department. We have a number of teachers who mark for the AQA board which provides additional expertise. They will begin by studying The Living World which builds upon some of the common threads established at KS3 linked to sustainability, opportunities and challenges, mapping skills, statistical skills and the link between the physical and human environment.  

Every lesson within KS3 and KS4 has a recap quiz, keywords associated with the lesson, clear learning objectives and challenge tasks. This helps to establish clear routine and structure but most importantly links back to prior learning from previous lessons and topics 

As part of the AQA specification, it is compulsory for students to attend and complete physical and human fieldwork. Therefore, we visit Carding Mill valley in year 10 to complete a river study and Shrewsbury in year 11 to complete a housing survey.  

Students are assessed at the end of every GCSE topic with the assessments including previously learnt topics. Year 10 PPE exams will take place in January and June to track progress, and identify any intervention requirements. Students will complete therapy lessons after each assessment and PPE in order to help address any common misconceptions, demonstrate model answers and help students to make progress by learning from their mistakes. 

Year 11 students will complete two sets of PPE exams in November and March to track progress & enable pupils to feel confident and as prepared as possible for the final summer exams. 

5 year Learning Journey