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This is an EP survey that we have been asked to provide parents access to.
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EP Survey

SEND Policy, Local Offer and Information Report 

SEND Support at Grace Academy Darlaston is of utmost importance and the SENCO and SEND team regularly support, monitor and assess our students to ensure they receive adequate provisions for their academic and social progress.

At GAD we collect progress data at least three times per year for every child, in every subject. This data is collected through a system called Go4Schools on which every pupil has a unique profile. The SENCo analyses the progress data, following which pupils may be more closely monitored or supported through one of three avenues:

1. School Support 

Pupils who may benefit from more targeted teacher intervention are placed at ‘School Support’. These pupils are supported by a bespoke ‘Crib Sheet’ which is given to all teachers .This suggests specific ways in which the teacher may support the learning and progress of the child. The teacher may offer enrichment classes, or the pupil may access some internal support interventions such as reading; small group interventions or additional in class support or resources.

2. SEN Support
At SEN Support, pupils feature on the Academy’s SEND list. This means that they need some external or additional support on top of the quality teaching that they receive in order to make expected progress.

If we feel that a child would benefit from SEN Support, we may invite you and your child to complete a Support Plan with us. This document is then shared with teaching staff through Go4Schools. It details how teaching staff may adapt their teaching methods to meet your child’s needs and informs staff of additional support your child is in receipt of.

We will liaise with external agencies as detailed in the Information Report in order to facilitate the best quality intervention to help your child progress.

If your child is at SEN Support you can expect to meet the SEND Team at least twice a year to review the support plan and support offered.

If SEN Support is not providing adequate support to help your child to progress, in partnership with you we may decide to apply for an Education Health Care Plan in order to access further funding and support for your child.

3. EHCPs
Students who have an Education and Health Care Plan will receive intensive support across the curriculum and during social time. You will be invited to an EHCP review annually and a support plan review at least twice per year.

Parental/ Carer Engagement

At GAD we welcome feedback from parents and carers who are welcome to telephone or e mail

We meet parents/carers at regular intervals, facilitate additional contact when required and a member of our SEND team will always be available at parents evenings.