Year 12: CV Writing & Mock Interviews Workshop, Insight into Recruitment, Stock Market Challenge, Skills Show, Work Experience, Financial Capabilities Workshop

CV Writing & Mock Interviews Workshop

The CV Writing & Mock Interviews workshop is designed to enhance our students ability to write a compeling CV and excel in a job interview, also to tailor their CVs to the requirements of the role.

They will collaborate with a number of our key business partners who will advise them on how to create the perfect CV sharing with them essential hints and tips on interview technique and what interviewers are actually looking for in a candidate.

Our students will receive constructive feedback at every stage regarding their performance.


Advanced knowledge of CV writing.

Experience of interviewing techniques.

Adapting your approach for different jobs.

Attitudes & Behaviours  and Insight into Recruitment Workshops

The Attitudes and Behaviours workshop is delivered to our Year Twelve students to prepare them for work experience, internships, apprenticeships and interviews.

It is a two hour session led by two industry trainers, who expose the state of the current employment market and then highlight key behaviours that employers are looking for in a potential employee. The session promises a mix of strong factual delivery and interactive interludes which illustrate the expectations of industry.

The session gives an insight to students of the world of work and better prepares them for work experience and work related learning.

The Insight into Recruitment workshop is designed to complement the Year Twelve Business curriculum by turning the tables on recruitment and giving our students an invaluable insight into how recruitment campaigns are planned.

They will be shown the many legal and practical considerations that need to be made when an organisation embarks on recruitment for a specific position. Our students will also learn about strategies and questioning techniques that are used every day to get the information that the recruiter needs to make a good decision.

They will then be given the opportunity to practice what they have learnt as they become the interviewer.


Competition in the job market.

Matching your values with corporate values.

Soft skills.

Different stages of the recruitment process.

The variety of interview models.

The Stock Market Challenge

The stock market challenge is an inter-academy event, where two teams of Post Sixteen students from each academy compete.

The teams compete against each other as a stock market simulation game feeds them real time information related to the various stock options.

Each team is given a certain amount of ‘money’, the team who makes the most money from their investments wins.

Our business guests become team peers, allowing students to take risks with industry professionals whilst under significant pressure.


What is a Stock Exchange?

Compete in teams alongside professionals.

High pressure decision making.

Skills Show

The Skills Show is the UK’s largest careers fair which gathers educational institutions and employers from a broad range of industry sectors into one place offering our students an excellent opportunity to explore their chosen career path in more detail.

Work Experience

All Year 12 students are given a one week block within the Academy Year to complete a work experience placement.  This is an opportunity to put into practice the employability skills they have been developing since Year 7 and to gain an insight into a full working day.  It is also a very important opportunity to test their career aspirations and to confirm whether they are suited to their chosen career path.

Financial Capabilities Workshop

The Financial Capability Workshops are delivered to our Post Sixteen students. The students will be led through the differences between red, amber and green debt. The benefits of a student loan, advise on what other funding is available, how to structure their bank accounts and a few hints and tips on saving money and getting the most out of a very small budget. They will also find out how mortgages work and will investigate the pro’s and con’s of home ownership. They will look at the tax and pensions system and what the benefits of these can be. Our students will also find out why it is important that they make themselves heard by voting.


To give our students a basic understanding of mortgages.

To give our students a basic understanding of taxes and pensions.

To give our students a basic understanding of voting.

To inform our students of the monthly costs that they will have.

To inform them of the difference between good and bad debt.

To give them helpful tips on how to make the most of their income.