Applied Law

What is it about?

BTEC Applied Law is a two-year course covering the fundamental skills and content of UK and EU Law. It is the starting point for any students eager to learn more about Law or pursue higher education and employment in the legal sector.

The qualification is equivalent in size to one A Level and the new specification (taught from 2017) has been developed alongside universities and legal professionals to create an authentic style of study that will prepare students to specialise in any area of the Law.

What will I be studying?

In Year One, you will study two core units:

  • Unit 1: Dispute Solving in Civil Law
  • Unit 2: Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System

These two mandatory units cover the two main areas of law (civil and criminal). You will look at aspects of the English legal system, develop skills to investigate and research how laws are made and explore non-fatal offences, constantly applying this knowledge to real-life cases and scenarios.

In Year Two, you will study a further two units:

  • Unit 3: Applying the Law
  • Choice Unit: To be confirmed

This second year level of study will learn to apply criminal law to a range of scenarios, study murder and manslaughter, and fatal offences. The fourth unit is yet to be confirmed based on what suits to legal style of the current students but it will allow students to begin exploring a particular area of law in more detail such as; Family Law, Consumer Law, Contract Law or Aspects of Tort.

What skills will I learn?

Students can expect to gain knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles which underpin the Law through real cases and laws. As part of this study, you will gain research and referencing skills, as well as the ability to write informatively, analytically, critically and evaluatively.

How will I be assessed?

  • Unit 1: Dispute Solving in Civil Law: You will be assess under supervised conditions after being provided with a case study and a set period of time to carry out independent research. This externally marked.
  • Unit 2: Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System: You will be assessed by internally set and marked assignments consisting of a number of tasks, likely to include activities such as: applying the law to case studies, writing articles and reports, presenting how laws are made.
  • Unit 3: Applying the Law: You will be assessed by an external assessment under supervised conditions, set and marked by the board.
  • Choice Unit: To be confirmed: You will be assessed by internally set and marked assignments consisting of a number of tasks.

Where might it lead me?

Studying Law at Level 3 will allows you to pursue a wide variety of careers and Higher Education options – the most popular being an Undergraduate degree in Law or Criminology. For a legal career, there are vast opportunities, including (but not exhaustive of); Legal practitioner, Police Force, Health and Safety, Administration, Accountancy, Business, Civil Services, Journalism and many more.

Who can I ask for more information on this subject?

Ms S Chance

Where can I find more information about BTEC Level 3 Applied Law?

Are there any specific subject requirements?

Subject requirements are in line with Academy expectations.