Annual Awards

Our Business Partners sponsor a number of annual awards which recognise students for a variety of different achievements. All students who have been nominated for one of these awards will be interviewed by a business guest to celebrate their achievement and to give them an invaluable opportunity to practice the skills they have been developing in an interview.

If you believe you have done anything that would get you nominated for one of these awards please ask your tutor.

Personal Achievement Award

So many of our students have remarkable achievements despite many different personal challenges. But there are always a few that go even further and we love to recognise their exceptional effort with this award. Every year we choose a student from every year group to join us for a weekend trip to London courtesy of IM Group.

Student Leadership Award

We are proud of the way our students manage themselves and do what they can to ensure their own best futures. But this award is to recognise those that don’t just consider their own best but what is best for their fellow students. They make life easier by speaking for their peers, leading, influencing and mentoring.

Environmental Awareness Award

The environment is vitally important to all of our futures and this award is designed to recognise those students that show an awareness of their ability to affect and improve our communal home.

Academic Achievement Award

If you work hard at school you will work hard after school. Being able to apply yourself to your studies is an important discipline that proves you can focus on a large body of work, understand it and deliver upon it. That is why our business partners choose to reward Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Contribution to the Community Award

Successful people are aware of their communities, their place in it and how they can make it better. This award seeks to champion this value and to recognise those students that understand this and show examples of doing it.

Sports Award

We have many students who enjoy playing sport but every now and again we meet students who can see how sport prepares them for life. They are able to perform on the sports field because they are able to focus, be aware of others, communicate clearly, make quick decisions, take risks and be creative. This award seeks to recognise those students that exemplify these qualities in Sport.

Employability Award

Our Sixth Form offer an extensive employability programme to all of our students. This award seeks to recognise those students that have not just turned up at these activities but have excelled in every aspect and have proven that they will be valuable assets to any employer.

Enrichment Award

Our academy’s success is in part due to the input of our staff but is also very much affected by the input of our students. This award seeks to reward those that have been seen to make the academy a better place.

Entrepreneurial Award

Entrepreneurship is an attitude. Enterprising people take responsability for their own success, not depending on other individuals or institutions. We seek to develop this principle in all of our students and this award celebrates those students that have either shown entrepreneurship outside of school or an enterprising attitude to their studies in school.

STAR Management Award

This award is to celebrate an individual or team that has been able to evidence outstanding project management skills through delivering a project or piece of work at the academy or beyond.