Year 7: Fairtrade Day, Mitie Maths Challenge

Fairtrade Day

Fairtrade Day is a half day programme which exposes our students to the concept of being a Global Citizen and aims to create awareness of life in a producer country and how our purchasing decisions can affect that.

The Day is hosted by the Co-operative who lead the students through three activities to assist in their learning. There is also, the much looked forward to, product testing.


Building awareness of the Global Market.

Introducing ethical responsibilities upon industry.

Developing an understanding of fairness and justice.


Mitie Maths Challenge

The Mitie Maths Challenge is a ten hour curriculum based project which has been designed by teachers and business professionals to help our students to understand how maths is applied in a real business setting.  The challenge is framed by assemblies where our students meet a project manager who lays out the scope of the challenge and then will assess the work at the end.

The project challenges our students in the following areas:

Area, perimeter and volume;

Data analysis, selection of relevant data and suitable presentation of findings in table / excel format;

Conversion rates, Cost comparisons and best buys;

Scale and ratios;

Project Costing, working to a budget, creating a profit;

Prototyping, accuracy, adaptability;

Presentation and communication, selling with numbers, proving your concept;

Environmental considerations and green issues.

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