What is it about?

BTEC Sport offers students the opportunity to develop their understanding of sport as a whole.

The course covers a wide range of topics within sport. Building on your prior knowledge this 2 year course will mix practical and theoretical aspects of sport and develop your understanding and knowledge across a range of subject areas.

What will I be studying?

You will study an array of content in BTEC Level 3 Sport. From developing an understanding of gaining a job in the sports industry to the detailed analysis of how the systems of the body work individually and cooperatively when at rest and whilst exercising.

You will also look at how to develop training programmes and understand how lifestyle factors affect your health as well as understand how to structure and lead a sports session.

What skills will I learn?

You will be able to develop a lot of skills that are transferable not only into other subjects you study but also into higher education or employment. Skills such as communication, presenting, analysing and evaluating are key skills that are used throughout this course. The ability to write reports and share information in a number of different ways will provide you with an insight into what they might have to do in the wider world.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed across 4 units, 50% is assessed through coursework and 50% through examinations. Two of these units are coursework based and you will be assessed in a variety of different ways.

You will also do two exams, one of which is a scenario based task. Skills such as communication, presenting, analysing and evaluating are key skills that are used throughout this course.

Where might it lead me?

Due to the variety of topics covered in this course it leaves the door wide open to a range of different jobs in the Sports industry including becoming a physiotherapist, coach, personal trainer or PE teacher .

The anatomy and physiology unit provides you with an understanding of how the body works and responds to exercise, this may ignite an interest in studying sport science at a high level. The fitness training module lends itself well to the fitness industry, providing you with the information to develop fitness training programmes and understand how to adapt training to the individuals you are working with.

Who can I ask for more information about this subject?

If you have any questions about the course please speak to Mrs Biddlecombe, Miss Price or Mr Holland (PE office). All courses are subject to uptake.

Where can find more information about BTEC Level 3 Sport?

The Pearson website gives further details of the BTEC level 3 specifications.

Are there any specific subject requirements?

In line with Academy expectations.