Information Technology

What is it about?

BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Information Technology is intended as an Applied General equivalent in size to one A Level. It is designed for learners who are interested in an introduction to the study of creating IT systems to manage and share information alongside other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education courses, with or without an IT focus.

What will I be studying?

You will develop a common core of IT knowledge and study areas such as the relationship between hardware and software that form an IT system, managing and processing data to support business and using IT to communicate and share information.

What skills will I learn?

The transferable skills that universities value include: • the ability to learn independently • the ability to research actively and methodically • being able to give presentations and being active group members• reading technical texts • effective writing • analytical skills • creative development • preparation for assessment methods used in degrees.

How will I be assessed?

You will study four units:

  • Unit 1: Information Technology Systems
  • Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage Information
  • Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business.
  • Unit 5: Data Modelling

Where might it lead me?

When taken alongside other Level 3 qualifications, including BTEC Higher Nationals or A Levels in complementary or contrasting subjects, such as mathematics, physics, science, arts or technology, the qualification gives you the opportunity to progress to a degree in an information technology discipline or a degree where information technology related skills and knowledge may be advantageous. This qualification carries UCAS points and is recognised by higher education providers as meeting admission requirements to many relevant courses.

Who can I ask for more information about this subject?

Miss Brooks

Room 2008

Where can find more information about BTEC Level 3 Business?

Are there any specific subject requirements?

In line with Academy expectations.