Home Testing

Home lateral flow test kits have been distributed to the majority of students today who have been part of our onsite testing. These tests should only be used by the student who had the test allocated to them. 

We suggest your child does tests on Monday and Thursday each week starting Monday 22nd March. Please use this video to help you understand the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9XR8RZxKNo  

Please report your results on BOTH of these links.  



Please remember that if your child has symptoms of Covid-19 OR they test positive on the home lateral flow test they MUST NOT come into school and you must follow government selfisolation guidance. They should then take a PCR test rather than use the tests we sent out. Please report a positive test to us by ringing the school.  

A more detailed letter is on the school website (see below).

Covid-19 Testing at Home letter